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If visit Germeny let’s try Mett dish, raw meat hamburger look horrible but so attractive
August 01 2018, 9:48 AM
Mett is a traditional raw meat hamburger Germany, make many customers hesitate dare not to try.

If the previous years mention to the raw food, people immediately think of Japanese cuisine and are seem afraid to try. But now, this type of enjoy raw food is not too strange to diners. Having discovered the traditional food of the country, you will see that every country seems to have a fascinating transformation from meat without the need for processing. Korean have Yookhwe beef, Koi Soi in Thailand or beef with lime juice in Vietnam and with Europe, Germany also contributes in this list with a raw meat hamburger dish called Mett.

Mett in German means “minced pork” so the main ingredient of this dish is nothing but minced pork. In the East Germany, North Germany or Berlin, the other way is called Hackepeter. The name may be different but they all have one common is serve customers with the most original flavor, not processed and cooked.

To make Mett dish, they will choose the most fresh pork to mince it. According to Germany law, the fat ratio in every Mett portion is not over 35% to ensure the health of customers. Thanks to that, the food is balanced between fat and sweet in a harmonious way. The spices is added in meat is: salt, pepper, garlic and may be egg to increase the fatty aroma, flavor and stickiness to the dish.

Just need to mix it well and you will ready to serve this dish. Simple in ingredient and cook but the dish makes many people so hesitate. Because no one dare to try the meat still raw and pink.

Mett is usually is served with meat or bread, the meat will spread evenly on bread and sprinkle some pepper, salt, add onion to blance the flavor and reduce the smell of meat. Sometimes butter and cheese with help the customers feel taste better. And so Mett is also considered a unique hamburger type in Germany.

Mett appeared in this country in 1970s, first people enjoy only the meat and not eat with bread. Every tradition Mett portion is huge and form in animals shape to serve in party. Today the flavor has become popular and is a signature dish in Germany street food.

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