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Visit the Dracula’s Castle: deary and groomy but is it bloody like rumors?
August 14 2018, 5:32 PM
Every year hundreds of thousands tourists rush to Bran Castle in Romania to find Dracula and see the hiding place of vampires.

Stay in a secluded mountainous area surrounded by trees in Transylvania, Romania, Bran Castle is said to be the home of the notorious Dracula vampire in the same novel’s name was published in 1897 by Bram Stoker auther. This is just a rumor of people because there is no historical evidence that Bran Castle is related to the main character in the story of the author Bram Stoker.

Bran Castle was built in 1212 by a group of merchants with purpose to protect shipments through the Rucar-Bran Gorge cliff and passing through the Carpathian Mountains. In 1920, the castle was awarded to Queen Marie of Romania to express the gratitude for her great contribution to the unification of the country. Now, the owner of the castle remains one of the descendants of Queen Marie. Thanks to that novel, this place has become a popular tourist attraction attracts large number of visitors to visit each year.

Talking about the vampire character in Dracula, it is thought that Bram Stoker was inspired by Vlad Tepes, a real prince in the history of Vallachia in 15 century, a part of Romania now day. Vlad Tepes is notorious is a cold-blooded man, his hobby is to torture and kill the enemy. In the invasion, Vlad Tepes does not refuse any expedient to kill the opponent, from poisoning the water to burning the forest.

The success of the novel attract millions of tourists to Romania to find true vampires. A few dozen years ago, many readers accidentally visited Bran Castle and were surprised to discover that the entrance to the castle was very similar to Bram Stoker’s description in Dracula’s novel, even this author have never been to Middle Europe. From then on, the castle in Transylvania was called “Dracula Castle”. It is estimated that more than 600,000 visitors come here to see the “living space” of the most scary blood suckers in horror novels.

The scenery inside the vampire castle is not as scary as in everyone’s imagination.

Every year, people celebrate Halloween with attractive gifts such as a night in the casket bed at Bran Castle.

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