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Valued lesson is about persistence when the little bear has an attempt to cross the snow mountain
November 06 2018, 4:40 PM
The effort of little bear makes people admire.

If you feel tired to follow your dream, watch the video. You may retake your enthusiasm  and continue your dream again. The short video recorded the scene of the little bear that tried to climb the snow mountain with the aim of following its mother. Although it fell to the foot of the mountain, it didn’t give up.

The video was shared on Twitter by Storm Huntley account has attracted more than 10 million views. It has been received lots of comments from netizens.

A person commented “Amazing baby bear and mother bear kept the faith.”

Another netizen said “Cute now — but wait til it grows up to be a menacing beast”

The video gives a profound lesson for netizens. Don’t give up your dream. If you never fall down, you can’t learn how to get back up. Each time we pick ourselves back up and forge through, we get a little bit stronger and more capable of achieving our ultimate goals.

Watching video:

Source video: Storm Huntley


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