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Valentine is coming but half of the world still wonders: Men or women have to use chocolate to declare their love to the other
February 12 2019, 2:39 PM
Valentine is very near - a specially important for couples. According to many people, February 14 is the chance for singles to find their partners. It's the only time in the whole year for couples to declare their love and officially get involved in a relationship or warm up their love.

Despite the day is not an official national holiday, Valentine’s Day is still recognized worldwide. Around this time, many people were eager to wait on February 14. However, also on this occasion, giving presents starts being concerned by many people.

Specifically, many controversies about the end of Valentine’s Day, men or women have to give gifts. According to lots of people, Valentine is the chance for women to take the initiative and declare their love. After that, men will have time for considering and giving them an answer on white Valentine – March 14. And April 14 is black Valentine for single ones.

This ‘underground rule’ is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Women believe that this explanation is perfectly reasonable when at the end of the 365 days of the year, they also found a good opportunity to play an active role.

However, this concept is completely wrong because, unfortunately, Valentine is still a day for men to actively express their feelings!

Many people think that Valentine is an opportunity for women to take the initiative. However, if you think so, you’re wrong!

To understand the reason,  we must understand the origin and meaning of Valentine’s Day. Considering the legend related to Valentine’s Day, there are now two ways to explain the origin of this most popular day:

The most accepted legend is in Emperor Claudius II’s 3rd century AD, the Roman empire was divided into 3 states that killed each other. The constant war had caused Emperor Claudius to issue a ban on all young men getting married to focus on fighting.

Amidst that situation, a brave cleric named Valentine stood out to celebrate the wedding in secret for couples in love. The Emperor discovered that he had given him two paths, being converted to support the ban on marriage or accepted the death.

Just for the courage to resist the king’s command, organize a wedding for the lovers that Valentine was decapitated by the king. Because of religion and love,  missionary Valentine was executed on February 14, 273. Before he died, he gave a card to the blind daughter of the prison guard, who was cured by his miracle previously and signed “Your Valentine”. This is also the first Valentine gift in the world.

Then, Valentine was canonized and became the present god of the day when couples confess their love.

Another legend that is quite popular about the origin of Valentine’s Day is the story of a father named Valentine. In 250, Emperor Decius ordered the punishment of all those who did not worship the Emperor, causing many Christians to be imprisoned and executed, in which, there was a man named Valentine – a good man loved by many Roman.

During his imprisonment, Valentine refused to cooperate with the king to mobilize people to worship the emperor instead of god. During this time, he also sensed a prisoner named Asterius and healed eye diseases for his daughter who considered this prison. Appreciated by the heart of Father Valentine, Asterius and his entire family of 46 people applying for Christian baptism. Fearing this would threaten the kingdom, the Roman Emperor commanded the beheading of Valentine ‘s priest on February 14, 270 on the Flaminius.

Later, Valentine became a symbol of noble love. February 14 was chosen as the date of love and recognition worldwide.

According to any legend, Valentine – whose name is associated with Valentine’s Day is also a man. It is the first person in the world to send a meaningful gift on Valentine’s Day and if you understand the source and meaning of this day, surely we will not fret about men or women, who have to give a gift to the other to express their feelings.

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