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Using the wrong formula when preparing bottle feed for child, dad makes her 2 –year-old daughter got kidney stones
August 03 2018, 4:05 PM
The dad often adds a few more teaspoons of milk compared to the original formula. His daughter did not gain any weight but almost has her intestinal necropsis.

Every parent always wants the best things for kids. But raising a child is not an easy task at all because infants requires lots of caring and that a parent’s wrong behavior may also harm his or her child.


Wang’s daughter in Xiamen, China was born prematurely. Because his wife couldn’t do breast feed, he had to do bottle feed for his daughter. He wants her to gain weight quickly, so every time he prepares milk for her he adds a few more teaspoons of milk compared to the original formula.


After a long time, his daughter not only did not gain weight but also often burp out the milk. Wang’s family takes her to the hospital. . The results showed that kidney stones. Doctors commented that increasing the amount of powder when milking the baby is the reason which causes kidney stones. Wang’s family is speechless.

This is no longer a strange case as there have been so many heartbreaking incidents. Although parents are repeatedly warned by health experts, some ignores it and the consequences are unbearable.

Parents should avoid these bottle feed preparing methods or else they may do harm to your child

Mix milk with mineral water


Some parents buy bottled mineral water to mix with the milk powder and thought that bottled water is clean, good and pure for babies. In fact, mineral water does not contain anti impurities or bacteria ingredients, but complex minerals, when combined with formula milk can affect baby’s health.

Mix milk with juice

Parents should not add anything to the milk. Formula milk has a well-balanced diet, if you add other foods, it will break the formula.

Shake the milk too hard

Many parents have a habit of shaking the bottle very well when mixed with the thought of doing so the milk will dissolve quickly and thoroughly but this habit is extremely disastrous. This action creates a lot of bubbles in the milk. When children drink milk with many bubbles will lead to flatulence, hiccups, burping. The best formula is after adding water, powdered milk using spoon stir gently in a certain direction.

Have your baby drink milk from the refrigerator

Parents should preparing enough amount to drink within a day and do store in the refrigerator. When stored in the refrigerator nutrients of milk will be lost. Also, when the baby is breastfeeding, it is advisable that the baby drink milk and parents clean the bottle right away. On the other hand, the new milk is warm and tasty and rich enough to make it easier to absorb.

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