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Using the amazing tips to help girls have slender face just in fews second!
September 11 2018, 4:44 PM
Here are some tips to have a slim face in few second.

Having a slim face is always something you strive for and dream to achieve, but to be perfect, many people spend a lot of money on “cutlery.” That’s not the only way, right now this series of tips will know. Coming up with a good looking with a slim face is always something that the women dream as well as strive to achieve. However, many people go to the center, beauty salon to rely on the “cutlery” and spend a considerable amount of money for this pain. This is not the only way to have a slim face. If you do not believe, let’s try the “perfect” series that turns every angle or circle into neat immediately in a few seconds!

1.  The “miracle” Sticky tape 

True to the title, this unique sticky tape comes from the Korean brand and is being loved by many youngsters with the grate power”. The strangest thing is that its shape is not much different than the usual adhesive tape or used in stationery. However, the special advantage is the use of skin safety and waterproof or sweat. Just remove the bandage and stick to the jaw bone side to the ear upward. At this moment, the skin on the jaw is pulled high, making the face becomes slim instantly.

 Let’s compare this girl’s face before and after.

2. Fat- burning tape

This is a V-line tape with a completely new breakthrough formula that quickly acquires the perfect V shape by burning fatty tissue directly on the face. Besides, it also provides a large amount of collagen, nutrients to help skin become firm and prevent sagging. More specifically, it will burn fat on both sides of the cheeks, make your face clear and balanced after 30 minutes. In particular, the active ingredient extracted from Hedera Helix will penetrate and increase the elasticity, firmness of the face, stimulate the synthesis of Elastin and Collagen fibers, prevent cellulite (fat redundant) .

This is a V-line tape with a completely new breakthrough formula that quickly acquires the perfect V shape by burning fatty tissue directly on the face.

3. Forming wax

It has the same soft texture as the flexible clay we use in the old days. It can be easily kneaded, applied to the face, bending in the desired curve to help overcome the disadvantages of the face. Most of all, this type of clay also has a variety of colors with each skin pigmentation, easy to choose the most suitable type. After the “fill” on the face, wax will gradually dry but still soft nature so as not to be too hard nor shuffled. After that, just adjust the harmony and override the makeup layer will look perfect as the real thing.

4. Contour and sparkle powder

Create a V-line face at the cheekbone position by polishing a diagonal block from the cheeks . Adding a little to the cheekbones will help to make the face look slimmer. The nose should create a line starting at the tip of the eyebrows, creating a V-line effect for the bridge of the nose. Extend this line to the bottom of the nose for a more refined nose. The jaw will make the cheeks start from the chin to the cheekbones, adding a bit to the sides of the jaw. In particular, emulsify the cheek in the upward direction, a little in the nose and nose tip, do not forget to press on the chin to create the attraction!

This is a typical tip to have a slim face

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