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Those who use electric stoves, induction cookers or infrared cookers must remember these 5 things to make sure that your house will not be turned into a fire
February 14 2019, 8:24 AM
Here are the mistakes consumers need to correct when using electric stoves to ensure the safety of the whole family.

Electric cookers are now bought by many families because of their utility, safety and aesthetics. However, if you do not know how to use them, this will make these devices not durable and affect the health of your family.

Cover air circulation

The electric stoves have a relatively neat design so many people often make maximum use of the space on the stoves to arrange the food dishes or something like that, and accidentally cover the circulation of heat for the device. This leads to the overheating of the stoves and the moisture in the cooking process remaining inside the stoves for a long time. In the long run, this situation can cause short circuit having bad effects on the stoves.

Constantly cook at high temperature

Maintaining a high level of continuous power when using an electric stove is not necessary, because the heating temperature on the electric stove is very high compared to the gas stove, which is easy to overload and reduce the life of the device as well as damage the cooking tools.

Instead, when cooking something at a high temperature, you should turn off the stove  and let it relax in a few minutes and then you can continue cooking. When simmering food, you turn on the stove at high temperature at the beginning; after the food boils, you turn down to the lower temperature to simmer the food better.

Pull the plug of the device immediately after cooking

Many people believe that pulling the plug of infrared cookers out of the socket right after cooking is an effective way to save electricity. This is a common mistake of most people using infrared cookers.

When unplugging immediately after use, the cooling mode of the infrared stove has not been started and operated. Therefore, the cooling time of the device lasts and in the long run this may cause damage to the stove. Therefore, after using, you should press the “off ” button to turn off the stove, wait about 30 minutes and then pull the plug.

Put the kitchen close to the wall

During their operation, infrared cookers produce a very large amount of heat, so if you put the stove close to the wall, heat will not dissipate to the surrounding environment. Heat accumulation creates moldy, which easily causes damage to the device and high risk of explosion.

Clean the kitchen immediately after use

Like other electrical devices, electric stoves are very hydrophobic. Therefore, do not use excessively wet towels to clean the kitchen, and especially do not clean the stove when it is still hot to avoid the risk of short circuit, fire and electric shock.

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