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Unique and impressing: This is how to play table tennis with your… heads
September 08 2018, 7:18 AM
This is no ridiculous game in your Summer Camp - it's Headis.

The sport Headis (head + the ending of tennis) was invented in 2006 by the at that time sport student René Wegner. Headis is a mix of table tennis and the heading of association football. It is played at a regular table tennis table so it combines tactical elements of table tennis and the legwork of tennis.

A tournament of Headis


The rule is simple: Two players play at a regular table tennis table and the ball must only make contact with the head. The table, however, can be touched by any part of your body.

Playing a volley is allowed as well. After every ball played you have to touch the ground before heading the next ball.

Sets are played to eleven (11) points, with the exception that players must win by two (2) points. Games are decided by best of three (3) sets.

Headis started spreading throughout German students. The Universität des Saarlandes was the first institution with regular Headis training. More and more universities added Headis to their schedule.

In summer 2016 the 11th Headis World Championship was held with players from twelve countries.

The sport is popular in other countries than Germany as well. There are official partners in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, China, Australia and Japan.

Watch here:


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