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Unforeseen danger: Swallowed birthday gift given by mother, 6-year-old girl nearly died of perforation 4 holes in the gut!
December 05 2018, 2:58 PM
At present, magnet toys are sold online a lot with attractive ads. However, if swallowing the magnet in this kind of toy, young children may be at risk of death.

On 29/11/2018, Children’s Hospital 2( Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) received a 6-year-old girl living in Go Vap district hospitalized in intestinal obstruction condition. His mother said that before, the girl was examined and treated in some places but not better.

The child manifested abdominal pain, nausea vomiting, tympanic abdomen with fever.

In abdominal X-ray film, four contrasted objects were observed. The pediatrician performed an emergency operation and removed four small pellets in the small intestine and caecum. The magnet marbles stick together intestinal perforation 4 holes were cut filtering and sewing.

At present, the child’s health is stable and can be discharged in the next few days.

About a week ago, on the occasion of her birthday, her mother bought her a toy with small magnet balls and she accidentally swallowed them while playing.

MS. Nguyen Thanh Truc, deputy director of the Department of Internal Surgery, is also the chief surgeon of the surgical team, said: ‘This is a dangerous accident, if the parents did not detect and manage in time, it can affect the life of the child. The reason is intestinal perforation causing inflammation of the entire peritoneum leading to infection, severe intoxication.

This incident has also showed the serious consequences for young children on playing with the small shaped toy like magnets marbles.

In fact, magnetic toys are one of the extremely dangerous items for children, however, this toy is widely sold in children’s toys stores in Vietnam.

Although, individual magnets do not cause serious harm. According to medical experts, magnetic toys (such as those described above) can suck, bond in the intestines, damage the intestinal wall, cause infection and intestinal perforation, threatening life.

If swallowing more than one piece of the magnet, they can attract each other in different places in the gut. Even with strong magnets, this can cut off the blood supply to the intestinal wall, which can damage underlying tissues. This can lead to the leakage of fluid into the abdominal cavity.

It will lead to symptoms of feverishness, severe abdominal pain. If not diagnosed quickly, this can be very dangerous, even fatal.

Medical experts recommend removing all small objects made of magnets, even if they are not children’s toys.

Kim Ngan Do

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