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Unexplainable insanity: Mother lets son feed on dog’s milk to get attention online
July 07 2018, 11:35 AM
How can a mother do this to her own son?

Watch here:

The video has gone viral on the Internet. Its content raises a controversy among netizens about whether it’s appropriate to record your kids drinking directly from a dog. At first, some call it just a joke. Yet, some criticize whoever recorded this “heartless”, “no brain” and “insane”.

In the video, a little boy was recorded drinking dog’s milk directly from the mother dog.

The boy dressed properly so it couldn’t be poverty that made him do that.

You can also hear the voice of the recorder. It is clear that the recorder make the innocent kid do that to make a viral video. The question is, how can a parent did that?

Is becoming popular THAT important that you let your kid drink from an animal that can cause him serious risks, including illness and potential attack from the animals? Since when people become this cruel and insane?


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