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Unbelievable truth: Disabled man crawls on a street to sell lottery tickets; but he declines to receive a wheelchair 
January 16 2019, 3:11 PM
Although a lot of generous people offered to give him a wheelchair, the disabled man still insisted on denying.

Disabled people could overcome fate and try to earn a living, which made others admire. However, there are disabled people who beg for and sell lottery tickets to deceive people’s kindness. Because there are so many cases, many people should  alert when helping disabled people. The same is true for a paralyzed man in both legs in Di An, Binh Duong.

The man paralyzed both two legs  and sold lottery tickets on the road.

Many people said that he paralyzed both legs, but he still tried to crawl on the way to sell lottery tickets. Therefore, everyone expressed sympathy to buy him a wheelchair. But he did not accept this gift and still crawled by his own hands every day.

Someone came to donate a wheelchair, he didn’t accept it.

His actions made many people suspicious, even argued that he pretended to be paralyzed to deceive the kindness of others. But the truth is that the crippled man both feet said he could not sit in a wheelchair because of a spinal column failure, unable to sit.

His broken legs make him not able to stand like normal people

Both day and night, this man always crawled around Di An area to sell lottery tickets. Because he didn’t ask for money but only sold lottery tickets, there were many people who came to support buying lottery tickets to help him get a meal.


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