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The unbelievable fact about the package that absorbs moisture in food boxes is not known by everyone
February 02 2019, 9:09 AM
It turns out that in addition to its anti-moisture effect, this bag is also extremely useful in many cases.

Moisture-absorbing bags in food boxes are too familiar to everyone. It is a small square pocket containing transparent particles. These small particles will be dangerous for anyone who eats or drinks it. However, in addition to the function everyone knows as moisture absorption, there are some functions that not everyone knows, it is a deoxidizer. By the 1920s, deoxidizer was present and began to be widely used in the food industry. Japan is a country with a lot of research and applying it as the most toxic reducing agent.

Deoxidizer can easily create an environment near free oxygen in a sealed food package. It can maintain an no oxygen environment for a long time, even when a small amount of oxygen enters the food packaging. Therefore, moisture-proof bags can help avoiding the increase of microorganisms that need oxygen, such as molds and yeast, and it is placed in boxes of cereals such as noodles and rice to prevent insects.

It also prevents nutrients in oxidized food, helps maintaining the color and aroma of food. For example, the use of moisture-proof bags in tea can keep the green for a long time.

Many people are afraid that moisture-proof bags are so toxic that they throw them away when they see them. However, try to make use of it properly to make it work!

Some moisture-proof bags put in your pocket or gym closet can reduce the humidity and remove odor-causing bacteria. Also, put them in your shoes to dispel any unpleasant odors.

Minh Chi

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