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Unbelievable cheating death moments recorded by security camera
August 09 2018, 11:03 AM
Have you ever been in these dangerous situations?

These are compilations of dangerous moment one may lost his or her life due to carelessness..

Even he didn’t want to live anymore, he should think about the one driving this train. How would they think when they take someone else’s life without any intention, just because he wants so?

Don’t he think he will leave trauma for everyone after leaving this life THAT easy?

Thanks to this man, the woman was safe fro the thief! 

She wanted to jump onto the running train, this man didn’t think so.

He saved an elder woman and her dog from the grim reaper

Thanks to these people, the baby inside this car is safe

The baby seemed experienced post-trauma, but at least she’s safe now

Thanks to this man and his slide, this little girl is saved

The police’s CPR skill saved the little girl!

In the end, how beautiful life is, having these heroes. Not all heroes wear capes.

Watch here:


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