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Ultrasound picture and bigger belly make villagers believe this 17 year old girl is pregnant with fish, the truth makes people freak out
November 17 2018, 8:29 AM
The story of a teenager who has got married yet but is still pregnant makes many people curious and confused.

About 7 months ago, on the island of Manait in Bacacay, Albay lives 17-year-old Kimberly found out that her belly was becoming bigger and bigger in a strange way.

Her tummy has been growing for seven months now, with her gaining 10 kilos in that span of time.

Her family thought she was hiding a boyfriend but Kimberly defended herself saying she hasn’t loved anyone yet and don’t have any sexual relationship with any man before.

Then villagers spread the rumor saying that Kimberly is pregnant without husband. This rumor was started from a local folklore, which holds that girls should avoid swimming in the ocean while menstruating. 

According to villagers, swimming in the ocean during menstruation can cause ailments. Besides, swimming while on your period may attract sea creatures like fish, octopus, and eel.

Kimberly had an ultrasound, where they found a fish-looking entity in her stomach, making the village believe more in their folktale.

However, the family then sought a second medical opinion. This revealed that the girl was, in fact, suffering from a large ovarian cyst.

Most ovarian cysts disappear after a few months and are relatively harmless. However, if left to grow they can rupture, causing a serious risk to health. 

The family is now appealing for help to fund an operation to remove the growth.

Her doctors squashed the town’s belief and said it’s impossible for a human to be carrying a live fish in the womb, or even in the stomach.

Source: gmanetwork, philippineslifestyle

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