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U80 lady takes plastic surgery to turn herself into “barbie”, stunning people
January 02 2019, 1:51 PM
The Thai female billionaire dreamt of having a Barbie-like appearance so she spent plenty of money on dozens of cosmetic surgeries but the results only make others afraid.

Khun Sumanee Guna-Kasem – the U80 lady who is well-known on social media with the title “The Thai Barbie”. She left a deep impression thanks to her wealth and youthful beauty compared to her age, however, her look is thrilling.

At a single glance, people might think she aged about 30 or 40, but, to have the look like this, she had to spend a great amount of money to take plastic surgeries, cause she always dreams to look like the Barbie.

Reportedly, Mrs Sumanee whose family is one of the nobility was very beautiful before her surgeries causing her face deformed. Her husband used to be a former Ministry of Foreign Affairs ambassador and she is also a billionaire in trading jewellery and antiquities, her family owns many valuable properties.

Her Oriental-bold beauty before the surgeries

The female billionaire always puts on a thick layer of makeup before going out.

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Nguyet Hang Do


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