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Two young men beat the drum, but when the center man performs, the music party really starts
September 14 2018, 4:17 PM
They create a fun music party.

In a small corner of the city of Paris, the atmosphere seems to be more vibrant as the drumbeat raise. This special drum has a distinctive tone and can create exciting rhythms with an extraordinary speed that makes it easy for the listener to feel the joy of excitement.

The instrument that the three boys are using is called the Darabouka drum or Goblet drum consists of a head and body shaped like a cup. The Darabouka drum is a very important part of traditional music in Egypt, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe for millennia.

In the video, 2 the young guy play Goblet drum, the black man in the middle just look at two people. But when he started to hit the drum, three men made a very happy music party.

This drum has a distinctive tone and can produce exciting drum beats at an incredible rate. Therefore, it has been combined with a number of music genres such as flamenco, gypsy, and Latin / Arabic, which makes it brought a new style for the songs and dances.

To use this instrument, players need to have flexible hands. The sound is created extremely sharp with fun and attractive rhythm. It helps the listeners more optimistic.

Watching video:


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