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Two sisters give birth to twins in same day, unexpectedly the father of four children is one man
November 18 2018, 9:15 AM
These are two sisters from Ohio, USA, Chris and Anne are pregnant at the same time. In addition, the couple are pregnant with twins. What surprised many is that the father of these four children is the same person.

Because the marriage was five years without birth, Anne and her husband have taken many different measures without any results. Because of wanting to become a mother, but because of poor quality of Anne so every pregnancy again is a failure. Anne was discouraged.

Sister Chris saw the situation of his sister so worried. So she talked to her sister actively: “I can pregnant for you.” Get her cheer, this time Anne determined to try again.

The doctor inseminates Anne’s eggs with her husband’s sperm to form an embryo and implant it into the bodies of both sisters. Two sisters are pregnant at the same time. More surprise, the two are pregnant with twins.

As the fetus grew, the sisters chose to have give birth on the same day.

Chris gave birth to two boys, and Anne gave birth to two girls.

Anne always wishes to be a mother, now she can hold all four children in her arms. Finally, her wish was fulfilled. Anne was very happy and thanked her sister very much.

Family is the best thing and we can do anything for each other. Certainly these children will be extremely happy to live in the love of the great father and mother.

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