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Two sisters were having dinner, one screamed suddenly because watching the “strange” thing
October 25 2018, 4:18 PM
Have you ever seen a ghost?

Seeing ghosts may also be triggered by the “agency-detection mechanisms” proposed by evolutionary psychologists. These mechanisms evolved to protect us from harm at the hands of predators and enemies.

If you are walking down a dark city street and hear the sound of something moving in a dark alley, you will respond with a heightened level of arousal and sharply focused attention and behave as if there is a willful “agent” present who is about to do you harm. If it turns out to be just a gust of wind or a stray cat, you lose little by overreacting, but if you fail to activate the alarm response and a true threat is present, the cost of your miscalculation could be high. Thus, we evolved to err on the side of detecting threats in such ambiguous situations.

The video shows the mother was sitting with two daughter while they ate. Suddenly the oldest daughter cried loudly and expressed she was being frightened by something she could see in the other room. However, there aren’t anything in the video. After few minutes, due to the scare, the older daughter run to her mother. Until the younger girl take the second look, she saw the terrified thing. Two girls claimed that it was a ghost.

Watching video:


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