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Two homeless brothers have sweet voice that are better than adults, the passerby have to stop to listen
July 14 2018, 11:30 PM
You will be surprised by the excellent performance of the children in this clip. 

Watching video: 

This homeless boy has a very sweet voice that makes people stop and record his beautiful voice.

In fact, children are very sensitive to music. Children love to listen to music and enjoy participating in musical activities. The purpose of music education is moral and aesthetic education for children. However, the boys in this clip have no enough condition to go to school, he still are passionate his pursuit – sitting on the road and raising his beautiful voice.

The elder brother is very confident to show his voice. 

While the little boy is quiet to listen

And tries to raise his voice.

The homeless boys with innocent faces.

And dreams about bright future. 

If they can be trained well, the two boys will definitely become the stars with his special voice.

Xuan Trinh

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