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Two farmers rush to sell a 113kg Pueraria mirifica that they have dug with a price of 770 USD, who greatly regret 2 days later
January 03 2019, 2:29 PM
Two farmers dug out of giant ginseng root and sold it right away when got back home. However, they greatly regretted 2 days later.

Not long ago, in a small town in Si Chuan, there was a tumult of two farmers who went into the jungle and dug out of giant ginseng root weighing more than 100kg. The extraordinary ginseng root looked alike human, panicking the villagers.

The two farmers in Si Chuan accidentally dug out of a Pueraria mirifica, weighing 113kg while going into the jungle. The ginseng root looked like a running human with clear muscles. The curious villagers after seeing this giant ginseng gave it the name “Dancing beautiful woman”.

The two farmers initially intent to divide it into 2 parts and use a part of it for pharmaceutical preparations, the remainder will be given to their relatives. However, the fame of the “Dancing beautiful woman” quickly spread, and there was a man from Guang Dong came and paid them about 770 USD for it.

Suddenly being offered a big amount, they rushed to sell it without thinking much.

After successfully purchasing the Pueraria mirifica, the man from Guang Dong re-sold it for a merchant with a price of around 7000 USD, that means 9 times compared to the price offered by the two farmers. However, the story did not end. There was a rich man who was very interested in such ginseng root, he was willing to pay more than 300,000 USD to get it from the aforementioned merchant.

After hearing the news, both of the farmers was stunned. They did not expect that ginseng root could cost a huge amount like that too.

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Nguyet Hang Do


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