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Two boys recklessly jumped into the bottomless black hole hidden with astonishing secret inside
November 03 2018, 10:55 AM
The picture of these boys jumping into this super massive black hole caused many people to have goosebumps.

This is called Jacob’s well in Texas, USA. The well is 4 meters in diameter but its bottom is not visible. Divers take oxygen cylinders along the way, the true depth of the it is equivalent to the height of the 13-storey building.

Many people are into this dangerous challenge

Water in Jacob is plentiful, 4 seasons without dry season. However, such a dangerous place does not prevent the curiosity of the people, even some people bring children here to play with stream water.

Its depth is too dangerous too think

Divers from underneath the black hole should also be very careful because apart from the great difference in depth. the rugged wall is extremely dangerous.

Despite the risk, divers from all over the world still want to tried for once in their lives

Jacob is located in Wembley, Texas, and if you do not want the exterior of this well, because the depth of it is beyond your imagination. There was a risky diver taking a photo diving deep into this well as he water is so clear that a line of light is deep down to the bottom, a very special scene.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding these unfortunate deaths but most of them said that divers were too curious to explore the mysterious areas of the cave below. At that, the calls rang out from the depths and the divers would lose their mind completely which is followed by the call the mouth of the well that swallow them quietly.

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