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It turns out that every house has 5 extremely dangerous items that spread RADIATION, put in the bedroom equal to suicide!
February 13 2019, 9:16 AM
Do you know how strong the electromagnetic waves of home electrical equipment are?

With the development and advancement of science and technology, human life is increasingly dependent on a variety of electrical equipment. All food and clothing cannot be separated from electrical products and all materials that use electrical energy produce electromagnetic waves during operation. Many people feel that exposure to electromagnetic waves will greatly affect their health, so what is electromagnetic waves? What is the highest electromagnetic wave device in the house?

What is electromagnetic wave?

Electromagnetic waves, also known as electromagnetic radiation, are simply oscillations of the electromotive force (EMF). The change of the electric field creates the magnetic field. The change of the magnetic field also forms an electric field. The oscillation of interaction between the two is called “electromagnetic waves”.

Electromagnetic waves can cause various threats to the human body! High exposure to electromagnetic waves can even cause cancer.

The frequent impact of artificial electromagnetic radiation actually causes the deterioration of the health of each individual person and creature. Children and especially the fetus, are very sensitive to the impact of EMF. The organ most sensitive to the impact of the electromagnetic field is the central nervous system (subjective sensation is fatigue, headache, dizziness…) And the endocrine system.

The impairment of endocrine function will adversely affect the cardiovascular system, circulatory, immune and metabolic processes, etc. The influence on the immune system causes impairment of the functioning of the exchange agencies substance, changes in pulse and heart rate. Moreover, the electromagnetic field also has a negative effect on the nervous system. The effect of electromagnetic fields on the human body manifests itself in the dysfunction of the central nervous system, the subjective feeling is increased fatigue, headache, less excitement, or irritability etc.


This type of device has become a familiar object for every person, but it is also a “very small radiation transmitter” that you always carry. Radiation from the phone increased rapidly in areas with low coverage. The biggest risk is the short reach of mobile phones, it spreads very close to the brain, scientists recommend that the phone should be kept away from people about 50cm, and not answer the phone immediately to avoid the risk of high radiation affecting the brain.


Even if the microwave oven is guaranteed to “seal” the radioactivity, the risk of leakage can still occur through the gasket and the front of the oven. The older the oven is, the higher the risk of radiation leakage. When using it, absolutely follow the instructions on the oven, do not open the lid.

Induction hob

As its name, the induction hob transfers magnetic induction energy to produce heat. Since food is not directly heated by electromagnetism, the induction hob is really like a gas stove. However, because induction hob are often put on tables, are closer to the human body and some electromagnetic waves leak can affect human health.

Therefore, when using induction cookers, distance must be maintained. As long as the distance is 15 cm, electromagnetic radiation will be reduced by 75%. If the distance reaches 30 cm or more, the rate of radiation degradation will reach 90%, ensuring that it does not affect health.

Wireless router

Due to the need to connect to the internet for work, study and entertainment, wifi devices are rarely turned off. Therefore, we may be facing continuous radiation exposure during the day. However, experts recommend that the wireless router should be placed 50 cm away from the human body and can be turned off when not in use, especially if the wireless router is placed in the bedroom when sleeping at night.


When using a hairdryer to dry hair, it is best to keep a distance of 15 cm or more to avoid electromagnetic waves impacting on the head. Hairdryers are one of the devices most people use. But few people know that the hairdryer when operating also spreads a small amount of electromagnetic flow.

An experiment with all brand hair dryers on the market has discovered: The electromagnetic waves spreaded by hairdryers exceed the safe value, some machines even have a radiation level 10 times higher than the maximum value outside the wall of the substation. Therefore, when you use a hair dryer, it is best to keep a distance of 15 cm or more to avoid electromagnetic waves.

Electric mosquito killer machine

Mosquitoes are insects that people absolutely hate, so mosquito traps are a tool used by many people to deal with mosquitoes. Usually electric mosquito killer machine will be turned on all night, especially after sleep.

But note that the electromagnetic waves generated by this mosquito trap are extremely high. Some netizens measured mosquito lights at home and found that the electromagnetic waves around this electric trap were more than 2000 mG. Even if it’s 1 meter away, it still has 2.3 mG, showing its tremendous electromagnetic energy. So when using mosquito traps, be careful to avoid adverse health effects.

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