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Try not to laugh challenge: Accidents and fails in drama while brodcasting
September 14 2018, 11:40 AM
Recent trends is live broadcasting, which leads to unforgettable and hilarious accidents!

It is obvious that human can’t totally control the surrounding, especially in a live-broadcast. Maybe you’re not stranger to fails and funny accidents happening in television. Below is a compilation of all the funny karma drama you may or may not witness!

This MC just want to interview these dancing women in a traditional park. Well, that’s the spirit.

At first everything’s gone perfectly well. She came to them while these women are (seemingly) drown in their dance.

But behold, a hand’s coming for you!

Why don’t you make the best of the opportunity and interview the guys swimming in the lake as well?

This MC shared the same fate as their colleague.

She wanted to pull him out to interview him, simply that.

But, it’s life dear.

This MC’s tragedy looks like scenes we may or may not. have seen in rom-com movies.

She wants to feed the seagulls.

With hearts full of grateful, the birds have nothing to pay her back except for…

Or these people, who want to play with the chimpanzee

But scared as heck when they come closer.

She did underestimate the thing she’s holding.

You asked for it, dear.

Funny scenes like these attract a lot of attention from people. It’s understandable, obviously. People appearing on TV are always dressed up, smiling and perfect. Even, some are the youth’s idols to follow their style, their career path. That’s why it’s so funny and interesting seeing that they sometimes have flaws and clumsy moments like us.

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