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The truth about the white-haired man going into the karaoke bar to do debauched things with “young girl”
January 25 2019, 2:31 PM
A close-up clip of a white-haired man playing with a young girl in karaoke bar made the viewers annoyed.

Recently, the social networking site is sharing a clip of a white-haired man who likes the new and strange things when he is “old”. This “old” man joined a group of young men to go to karaoke bar to hold the young girls, causing the netizens to be angry and shocked because he could do debauched things with “young girl” at the “old” age.

The young man with silver hair went to karaoke bar to embrace the young girl and was filmed sneakily

But the truth was not like that. The man in the clip was not an old man. This was a young man but he dyed the hair with silver color, so in the lights, everyone misunderstood that he was an debauched old man. This was a close-up of a group including the depraved young men in karaoke bar. Because this was the first time the white-haired young man has been tried with the feeling when teasing with young girls, he expressed his curiosity and excitement. This made his friends want to mock him by recording the clip to post on the social network.

Watching video:

Video source: Collected video

Minh Chi

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