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The truth about checking the “purity” of the ancient people: small breasts, “cross your legs” proved she’s “still” a virgin
January 24 2019, 3:15 PM
The "purity" is considered a measure of moral evaluation of ancient women. So the ancients had many ways to check whether a girl is still a virgin or she tries to "restore" it.

In the past, virginity was like a measure of women’s morality and considered it the way to ensure men’s fatherhood. A woman who does not keep her virginity before getting married will be considered naughty and can’t live in that community anymore.

Therefore, it is important to check whether a woman is still a virgin or not. Some people also have surgery to restore the virgin. However, all these methods in the perspective of medical experts are absurd.

Take diuretics

In the medieval medicine book, there is a view of the virgin that they are given a magical power, can tame wild animals, hold water in their hands and control their urge to urinate.

So, to see if a young woman was “pure” or not, the old medical books recorded a girl taking a large number of diuretics. If she can hold her urine for a long time, it will prove she’s a virgin. But if she cannot bear the urge to go to the toilet, the woman has already had sex.

According to modern medical experts, the fact that women are still pure and urinate is not related to each other. Even warning about the harmful effects of long-term urination can lead to urinary infections, a high risk of kidney stones, cystitis and even cancer.

Test the chest

In the author’s book The Untouched History, Hanne Blank recounts one of the ways considered by the ancients to determine the “purity” of women as a breast examination. Small breasts, small nipples, and pink colors show a virgin girl.

This concept is also very common in ancient China, which is the white breasts of women are usually tense and have good elasticity, while the chest of a married person or in relationship is soft and sagging.

The reason is that according to the observations of the ancients, women often have larger breasts, so they deduce that the girl who has never had breasts will be small. This belief is further reinforced by the theory that sperm after penetrating a woman’s vagina will move in her body and go to her chest, making them big and sagging.

However, checking the virginity with the breast or breast is not exactly correct, because the size and color of each woman’s breast depend on each person’s pigmentation.

In fact, only when a woman is pregnant or taking medicine regulating her period, the hormonal change the color of the nipples and areola, having sexual experience does not lead to change.

Shougong Sha

This is the “body experience” method handed down and originated from the Han Dynasty. The ancient Chinese emperors had hundreds, thousands of concubines so that to manage as well as to prevent the palace girls from adultery, they had come to the method of supply.

The bow is a red lipstick used to dot a woman’s hand in order to mark their virginity. Legend has it that this red spot will never disappear if the woman is still pure.

The name of the bow is derived from the material that made it, which is the gecko. These geckos will be fed in a long time, the body turns red. During its breeding season, female geckos will be caught, dried, pureed, forming a chalk powder.

This powder will be applied to the girl’s hand or body used to “check the body”. If then this girl has a sexual relationship, the bow will immediately fade.

According to modern science, female geckos contain a lot of estrogen during the breeding season, when they encounter androgen, estrogen, and androgen will neutralize with each other and cause them to disappear. However, using it to check whether women are still virgin does not have enough scientific evidence to verify.

According to Oriental medicine, medicinal properties of geckos are salty, welding effect is main activity, attachment, cancer resistance. The gecko water solution has a clear effect on the control of respiratory cells of cancer cells. It also contains vitamin F, which carries anticancer activity. In the safer, there is medicine that is sweet, cool, effective mainly sedative, menstrual, bright eyes and detoxification.

Considering the medicinal properties, the supply can only be medicine to support the treatment of some common diseases such as child illness, limb disease, etc. In other words, the supply is completely unrelated with virginity of women.

In short, the methods of checking the body of the ancients or the loss of the virgin do not tell much about the sexual experience of the woman. Many women can lose their virgin through physical activities like cycling, while others still retain the virgin even after having sex. Each woman’s body is different, and also not just relying on purity to judge a person.

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