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The truth behind the photo of the man who carries his parents more than 160 kilograms received 22 thousands like
November 06 2018, 9:54 AM
The photo that was posted a few hours and received great attention from the online community.

In our life, there are many photos that make people touched..

Recently, 22 thousand like was given to a picture of a man carrying his parents. They are all poor people. The man carries on the shoulder of the burden that are two old parents.

This man has carried his parents over a distance of more than 160 kilometers to the Bangladesh border refugee camp to escape the ethnic conflict in Myanmar. Because old parents cannot go far, he used this way to bring them together.

This is one of the most heartbreaking photo recorded during the clash between the Rohingya rebels and the Burmese army.

The motherhood and fatherhood are so sacred. Many children are willing to protect and take care of their parents. Six-year-old girl takes care of her paralysed father alone after her mother abandoned them – and she never makes a single complaint.

It’s often the hardest situation in life that brings out the strongest side of us.

And this six-year-old child in China has shown great tenacity after a horrific traffic accident changed the fate of her family for good.

Little Jia Jia’s father was left paralysed in the car accident two years ago and her mother abandoned them afterwards.

Faced with the tough situation, the tiny girl started to look after her bedbound father in their home in Ningxia Province despite the fact that she was just a young child.

According to Chinese media, Jia Jia gets up at 6am every morning to massage his father’s muscles for half an hour. She also makes sure she brushes his teeth and washes his face before she goes to school.

After she returns home, she feeds her father dinner and assists him in moving around the house – using a home-made mobility hoist.

When she is at school, his elderly grandparents, both farmers, mind her father.

In our life, there are many photos and stories that make people touched.

Recently, 22 thousand like was given to a picture of a man carrying his parents.

Fatherhood and motherhood are so sacred.


Source: Daily Mail

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