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The truth is always happening at the airport that employees never dare to reveal to guests
December 15 2018, 10:02 AM
You may not know all about the "power" of the airport staff. They look "simple" but no one can cheat them.

The “penetration” scanner will perform a full inspection

Did you know that the airport scanner will help staff check you in a “naked” state to see if you are carrying something illegal on your body? Special scanners located at airports in some countries will check customers before boarding. The staff often ask you to raise both hands when passing through the scanner.

They know everything you hold in your hand

At the beginning of the working day, staff will place samples of airport-banned chemicals in an odor analyzer called atomizer for the purpose of screening suspicious customers. When inspecting, staff will ask you to hold a special paper, before putting it into the scanner.

Profiler – team captures the behavior of everyone

Profiler is the human behavior analyst. They work at the airport to keep an eye for the behaviors of suspicious customers. All the unusual behavior cannot hide these profilers.

Passengers are monitored in terms of excitement

Some special cameras are equipped to detect any passengers who are drunk or agitated by drugs. The data from the camcorder comes to the analytical system of the excitation level (via the red thermal sensor image from the passenger). After that, security guards will invite them to the monitoring room for inspection.


Professional dogs also have the task of checking luggage

Before getting onto the plane, your luggage must go through 5 steps. One of these steps will include the examination of odor or chemical odors by professional dogs.

Passenger food is always available

With dense flight schedules, catering kitchens for passengers will have to be operated 24/7 to ensure that the required amount is met. Each preparation takes 6-10 hours to ensure that passengers are always provided with food.

Supervisors monitor the flight from take-off to landing 

Supervisors are not just air traffic controllers, they are also responsible for controlling landing and turning lights on the landing zone. An aviation controller will work with 5 screens, weather information and flight will forward continuously to keep up with schedule.

You will be “expelled” if the visa expires midway

Pay close attention to your visas because if the airport staff discovers your visa expires before the date of arrival, they will notify the airline that is responsible for your departure to arrange for you to return that day. And to “compensate” for this undue error, the company will incur the full cost (including return tickets and other expenses) for you.

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