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The truck crashs through glasses of department store, people intend to look for the driver but everyone is surprised when seeing the driver’s seat
July 24 2018, 10:54 AM
Everyone was surprised when knowing the perpetrator of the accident.

The video recorded by the security camera showed the electric truck crashed through the glass door  and rushed into a department store.

The truck rushed into a department store

And it crashed into the glass door

Although the truck lost control, luckily it didn’t hit salesman who was standing in the store. It seemed empty in the car, but then a dog appeared inside the truck.

Suddenly, there was a dog inside the truck

The dog was a perpetrator of the accident

The truck parked in front of the fruit shop, the driver didn’t shut down the truck when he left. Moreover, he also let his dog sit in the driver’s seat. Therefore, the unbelievable case happened.

Watching video


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