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After he tries to eat off poster, boy’s fried chicken dreams come true
July 27 2018, 3:40 PM
So cute the boy ate off the poster when he was dying for fried-chicken.

A three-year-old boy in the Philippines just couldn’t deal when he found out a fried chicken restaurant was closed – he tried grabbing the food off a poster.

There was a happy ending. The restaurant sent him buckets of fried chicken after he went viral on social media.

“After watching this I want some fried chicken” Someone said,

How about you? Would you like some fried chicken after watching?

The boy stared at the poster with a strong desire

And he decided to eat the chicken on the poster

His face when his mom asked him “Yummy?”

And this action made he become famous and has his own fanpage

Let’s watch video below:

Hai Linh

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