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The tribe having highest life expectancy in the world, over 100 years old, not with modern diseases: diabetes, heart disease or cancer…
November 28 2018, 3:14 PM
The Tarahumara tribe is the longest-lived tribe in the world

The Tarahumara tribe lives in gorges with harsh terrain in the western Sierra Madre, in northern Mexico, which is always a mystery to modern humans.

According to Men’s Health, the tribe has the highest life expectancy in the world, living up to 100 years old, healthy, free from modern diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Tarahumara people can go jogging for one to two days. Aging or disease does not seem to touch the mountain warriors.

The 55-year-old native of the Tarahumara tribe, who lived in the mountains of the western Sierra Madre, northern Mexico, won first place in the 1994 high mountain marathon, Leadwille, in the high mountain. Colorado. This tribe was also recorded with a high average life expectancy of up to 100 years.

The Leadwille 100 is known for being the world’s most arduous marathon runner with four continuous marathons (about 100 miles), including two running in the dark

The Tarahumara tribe lives in the canyons of northern Mexico

The race took place at a height of over 1000m, through 26 steep slopes stand very dangerous and difficult. Leadwille 100 is also associated with the names of athletes who are physically “iron” as Dane Karnazes or Lance Armstrong.

The Tarahumara lived in caves, in wooden or stone houses. They have several small farms and do not have many paths. They wear a robe on their shoulders and wear sandals made of tires.

Tarahumara children are also very healthy, less sick despite being raised on difficult cliffs, less food. Tribes live without theft, murder or suicidal behavior.

Tarahumara diets are rich in carbohydrates with 80% corn, beans and plants. They control their blood sugar well by eating food in the form of pre-processed, supplemented with vegetables, spices from the jungle. People do not have access to ready-made food, canned goods should avoid food preservatives.

Journalist Christopher McDougall of the Associated Press and Editor of Men’s Health is curious about the remarkable achievements of the Tarahumara, who have sought the place of the tribe to find the “secret” of unrivaled strength. their.

He reveals the resilience that the Tarahumara people derive from a particle called Chia in his book “Born to Run.”

Chia is a herbal, scientific name is Salvia Hispaniola Lamiaceae type helps the muscles and tissues in the body become stronger and stronger. Thousands of years ago, the Aztecs, Maya, planted and used them as food for warriors or for long journeys.

Today, health food manufacturers like Akins, GNC are also processing chia seeds into functional foods that help fight chronic diseases in the United States.

The Tarahumara lived in the Copper Canyon, separate from the outside world, so they lived with a “primeval world.” With healthy eating habits and excellent use of chia seeds, the Tarahumara tribe is recognized as the world’s longest-lived tribe, at age 100.

Christopher McDougall explores habits that help shape the extraordinary running of the Tarahumara:

  • Live in villages hundreds of kilometers apart, move, go hunting by jogging.
  • Run in groups, support each other and guide young people to adjust their speed.
  • People see jogging as art, as part of religious culture. Jogging as natural as eating and sleeping. It is also a fun, challenging game where men, women and children are excited to participate.
  • Consume a large amount of corn milk, rich in carbohydrates, to quench the thirst.
  • Jogging on homemade sandals called huaraches or running barefoot.

Recently, María Lorena Ramírez from the Tarahumara tribe won the 50 km run of the Cerro Rojo Ultra Trail with rubberized rubber sandals. Ramírez surpassed more than 500 other women’s legs from 12 countries, scoring 7 hours 3 minutes without a special sports accessory.

Source: DKN

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