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Tree-mendous! Artist uses a LEAF BLOWER to create stunning copy of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa masterpiece
September 29 2018, 8:48 AM
A green-fingered artist has recreated a stunning copy of the world's most famous painting armed only with a leaf blower.

Nathan Wyburn unveiled his incredible recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to remind people to keep their gardens in top shape following the arrival of autumn.

Mr. Wyburn’s version, created on a lawn in Richmond, south-west London, includes the famous smile and folded hands of the woman who posed for Da Vinci.

The original painting, which Da Vinci began in 1503, now sits in The Louvre in Paris. Known as La Gioconda in Italian, the Mona Lisa is often held up as a symbol of the emotional enigma.

The portrait appears to many to be smiling sweetly at first, only to adopt a mocking sneer or sad stare the longer you look.

Florentine noblewoman, Lisa Gherardini, is widely believed to be the model for Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, andis thought to have posed for the painting between 1503 and 1506.

Not much is knownown about Gherardini’s life. Born in Florence and married in her teens to a cloth and silk merchant who later became a local official, she was mother to five children.

It is believed Francesco Del Giocondo commissioned the portrait to celebrate either his wife’s pregnancy or the purchase of a house around 1502 and 1503.

After his death, Gherardini became a nun. She died in 1542 at the age of 63 and was said to be buried near the Sant’Orsola convent’s altar.

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Source video: DailyMail

Source: DailyMail

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