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Travelling by plane, do not be a fool putting these things inside your suitcase or else you will face life sentence
December 14 2018, 3:34 PM
With only one sentence, it can drag you into life sentence that you can not expect it!

On the plane, almost everyone has their name, contact information, and address of residence marked on their stuffs so that it can easily be found. However, recently, some victims have proof this is a potential dangers A man returned by plane on a long-term holiday. In order to avoid confusion with other’s luggage, he wrote his name, phone number and address on his suitcase. When arriving at the airport, his luggage was checked in accordance with regulations. When checking luggage the staff found a package of banned substances in luggage. This man is very surprised, he constantly claims that he did not bring it. Although he actively cooperate with the police investigation, he was almost sentenced to prison.

2v According to airport staff, there have been many similar cases, the bad guys steal information of passengers to commit crimes. Many criminals take advantage of the time they hand over the luggage to steal info. They will put banned substances into other’s luggage and wait for the right time to take it back. The designated address is to return the stolen goods. There have been cases police catching up to 27 criminals who are committing the same crime at the airport.


These people are suspected of copying passengers’ luggage card and smuggling Cocaine abroad. Police said that when the passenger lugged the luggage, the airline employee involved in the suit copied the luggage tag and tagged it in the medicine container and carried it to the airport area.One baggage was shipped to the Netherlands, but its luggage tag was Brazilian Salvador. Because there are no recipients, it is sent back to Brazil, professional discovered 36 kg Cocaine, this baggage belongs to an innocent old couple. Crime of using innocent people’s luggage is a very serious and dangerous issue that police alert all passengers on the plane.

3v In Southeast Asia countries, as long as 50 grams of the drug is found, they may be executed. In addition, posting personal information on luggage not only creates opportunities for offenders but also leads to security risks. If your luggage is taken secretly then finding your home by address on the consequences will be extremely catastrophic. So everyone must be extremely careful to protect themselves. You can leave your phone number or email address but not your home address.The harmless carelessness is potentially extremely dangerous for you! Keep your information safe from the pitfalls of illegal criminals!



Kieu Anh

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