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With her tounge, the disabled girl used smartphone and laptop
January 09 2019, 9:20 AM
Instead of blaming your life for each and everything bad coming into you, overcome yourself to fight back those troubles. Besides normal people in this life, there are also many people suffer from physical disability whereas some from a mental disability.

Bravely, Nurasamawati Mahmud is fighting the life’s battle. She has the zeal to cross each and every limitation of her life regardless of her disability. When she was born, her hands and legs were deformed so he has never been capable of using these body parts for any purposes. Currently, she aged 30 and is living with her parents. With her strong characteristic, she is fighting her disability and learned how to use a smartphone and laptop with her tongue. She used smartphone and laptop to help marketing her family business on social media and the result was she sold nearly 4000 bottles of soy and chilly sauce.

She types messages, makes phone calls and using the internet with her tongue. She learned the way to use those devices by herself, shared by her parents and now she uses them to do whatever she wants on the internet. She also gained 100 friends on Facebook, however, she uses them properly in the right manner.

Previously, her family was not able to do much business but thanks to her that ‘Mahmudah’ – her family business has become well-known on social media and nơ they earn great profit from that. Only using social media, this disabled girl can raise her family’s sales by doing all the things by her tongue.

According to her parents, Nurasamawati Mahmud had never been to a traditional school yet, she manages to solve all the problems that come up with her siblings. She teaches her siblings topics which she reads and researches them if it is not wholly clear to her. Nurasamawati Mahmud’s parents are proud to have her as their daughter.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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