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Touching moment: Pig brings food to his injured brother
October 10 2018, 10:17 AM
Pig brings lunch to his brother who has trouble walking

If a member of your family was struggling to feed themselves, would you bring them food? This is exactly what Henry the pig does for his brother Horton, who has trouble moving.

In this heart-warming video, we can see how Henry fetches food which he then shares with his brother. The Gentle Barn – Tennessee reports that when lunch arrives, the first thing that Henry does is take food to his brother.

Horton and Henry were only a few months old when rescuers found them — but they had already formed an undeniable bond.


Starving and terrified, the two brothers were being raised at a pig farm — and had gone without food so long that their bones were visible. They were covered in ticks, riddled with parasites and anemic from the lack of care.

They were afraid of people, too.

Compassion is a trait that pigs share closely with humans and as can be seen, this selfless act stems from one place: brotherly love

Watch video:

Source video: Kinder World 

Source: Kinder World 

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