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Touching moment: Newborn was abandoned by road, swollen by ants
December 15 2018, 11:51 AM
The baby is extremely miserable.

On December 9, police in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam said they were taking care of an abandoned baby boy discovered by the people at dawn on the same day.

The newborn boy is wrapped in a warm red shirt and left in a blue bag, in front of a local man

Earlier, on the morning of December 9, Nguyen Thi Cam (38 years old) when opened the door, discovered a blue bag in front of the house. After examining, Cam discovered in the bag having a baby boy, outside was wrapped in a warm red shirt.

Ms. Cam reported to the police.

Police initially discovered that his abandoned baby was a boy, still in his umbilical cord, wrapped in a white towel and a red sweater, found no papers or information about him.

At the time of discovery, due to being abandoned outdoors, there are many swelling on the baby’s face due to ants biting.

Source: Dantri

Hai Linh

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