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Touching moment: Mother dog attempts to push her baby out of the cage before being taken to the slaughterhouse
January 26 2019, 10:20 AM
Maternity is always non-discriminatory, especially animals being close and loyal to humans like dogs. In some cases, this is a evidence of maternity that makes people not hold back tears.

This dog gave birth to a baby in the cage and tried to push his son out of the cage before being taken to the slaughterhouse. When seeing her emotion, any peron feels so touched and sympathetic for her.

A golden dog with two white puppies on each side and on the her back is the sign “sell for 1,500 yuan” (more than 5.2 million). It turns out that because the owner can not raise them any more, he lets mother dog put his puppies on her back on the street to sell them.

Having gone through the birth of a dog, this mother dog seems to be very tired, yet, it is always standing next to the herd of tangerines. Occasionally, she licks lovingly them to keep their children warm. It seems that this mother dog is about to say goodbye with her babys; therfore, she attempts to love them at the last few moments.

My mother stands idly at the doorway, her sad eyes is staring at the carriage. The puppies also compete each other for the position in the cage to turn their eyes towards their mother, to see their mother clearer. They seems to ask that why they are not by their side.

It can be said that whether human or animal, maternal love is always precious and sacred.


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