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Touching moment: Elderly man picks up leftovers in garbage truck to eat, while others consider them as waste
January 24 2019, 2:14 PM
Anyone must feel emotional and speechless when witnessing the old man picking up leftovers to eat in the garbage truck every day.

These photos make peolple feel so much emotional and extremely painful. At this age, it seems that he must be at home and lives with her family and daughters. Moreover, he must enjoy the happy life before passing away and must be taken after by his son and daughters. In this society, many people lack both material and spiritual side. It can make sure that when seeing these photos, everyone must be painful and sympathize for his fate who must wander around the street to make end meets.

Not only is he weak, but also he is cared for by his son or daughters. Moreover, he has no money to live daily and even there is nothing to eat every day. Therefore, he must wander around the street to collect leftovers. Especially, this old man considers leftovers as special food that makes people feel extremely painful. In this life, it is true when saying that nobody can enjoy the whole life and is perfect in all field. However, this old man not only has no money, lacks all things, but also he has no relatives who can look after him at this age.

These images leave the viewer with an obsession with poverty, so many fates are still struggling in the middle of this magnificent city to find food left over to survive. Therefore, when you are still living in happiness, everyone should be more appreciative of what you have and feel sympathetic to share with unfortunate lives without a part to help the society grow. develop and repel such tragic events.

After witnessing these photos, viewers are haunted by poverty. In this society, there are many people who can enjoy a happy life; however, there are others must take leftovers to make end meets daily. Thererfore, when you are still living in happiness, respect things what you have now. Especially, we should feel sympathetic to share with unfortunate life without support to contribute our small part to developing our society and decreasing tragic situations.


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