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The touching image: Old man stroked his wife’s hair at the end of her life in the hospital “Do not cry, I’m here”
September 14 2018, 10:02 AM
The image of the 90-year-old man stroking his wife's hair to encourage when she was sick caught the attention of many viewers.

Love is a gift that is bestowed on the human beings, whoever, in all ages, love is always present. The life will be happy when we have a mate who always loves us and holds our hand to the end of life. The love for youth is the passion and the enthusiasm. The love of the old people is not romantic like this, their love is very quiet, gentle but extremely sacred.

The heart of the elderly is not as arid as we usually think; on the contrary, they need much attention from their children and grandchildren, and the most important thing is the attention from their mate. The happiest thing of life is when we are sick, our mate always sits up with us to care and share.

At the end of the wife’s life, the 90-year-old man always lay next to his wife, stroked his wife’s hair to encourage in the hospital. The image of this couple makes the viewers extremely touched.

At the end of the wife’s life, the 90-year-old man always lies next to his wife

He also stroked his wife’s hair to encourage

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