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Touched wedding after 40 years of marriage and the definition of ‘casual’ love
August 10 2018, 10:09 AM
Love. It is one of the hardest, most meaningful and contradictory terms in all human languages

A story happened 40 years ago …

On April 22, 1978, a wedding took place but no one knew its existence beyond the bride, groom, and pastor who witnessed their promise of ‘come together to the end way ‘.

A simple and ‘poor’ wedding in its own right: No pastry, no white chiffon, no wine, no guests and even no photos. They met each other when both family circumstances are difficult, Mrs O’Hara did not get a proper wedding ceremony. However, just one promise was enough for them to start a happy family life until the next few years beside their children.

Brad, O’Hara’s youngest daughter, shared that how her parents treated to each other taught her how to define love. It’s not just a symbol, it’s more than what we can see. They worked hard together to earn money for the whole family, spent time with the children and cry and laugh together. Everything learned from parental behaviour made Brad believe that love is the best thing in life, and people need to cherish and protect it.

‘On 3/7/2018, 40 years after getting married, my mother finally got a real wedding. It happened in an unexpected way. My father had been planned with us for the whole month before, but she did not know.

My sister Jenifer and Job were going to celebrate the wedding anniversary when our family reunites. Of course, my mother would need a new dress for her daughter’s important day. Thus, my sister took her shopping. This is how we got our mom’s measurements. My sister took measurements and ordered a beautiful wedding dress then sent to Colorado.

Pastry, flowers and the dinner-party had been prepared. A photographer was also invited.

Special and only guest list, of course, was their inheritance. Two daughters, two sons, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law and twelve grandchildren, who have always considered them the best. ‘

On the morning of the wedding day, Jenifer took her mother to go to the hairdresser, makeup, nail polish to prepare for ‘daughter’s wedding anniversary.’

Meanwhile O’Hara and his children checked all necessary things for the party. Brad walked up to her father’s side and found him thrilled. For her, it was interesting to witness her ‘hero’ worry. However, she knew the reason why her father felt nervous. Because he had waited for today 40 years.

Mrs. O’Hara made everyone in the room hold the breath. The son took her through two rows to the position she had been sitting for 40 years, next to her husband. They looked into each other’s eyes and repeated the vows they had vowed together long time before.

‘We all cried, we shared, danced, joked … And that’s the day I would never forget,’ Brad said.

Finally my mother got a real wedding. A man, a woman, their love and their inheritance is a promise that has been fulfilled and that is enough. ‘

There are so many happiness, there are not too fond of love, but full and passionate. Because love is not the outside, but it comes from the heart of sincerity. The great scientist Albert Eisntein once told his daughter: ‘Love is the most powerful energy in the universe.’ If this is true, nothing can break a sincere love, even the cruelty of years will only make it more passionate and deep.

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