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Touched scene a mother was carsick, four son pushed her wheelchair in relays over 25km mountain pass to take care of
December 09 2018, 4:35 PM
Mostly, they travelled on moutain pass, moved uphill and downhill, so the they encountered many difficulties.

The four brothers, Tiantaiben, Tiantaiwu and Tiantaifeng living in self-ruling ethnic district, Tujia (Zhangyang, Hubei, China), wanted to lead their parents back their own home to look after. But because of their mother’s car sickness, they decided to use a wheelchair to push her to the pier. It was totally distance of 25km of mountain road, 30 steep corners and pushing during 10 hours.

‘We have wanted to lead our parents back for ten years but at that time,’ he said, ‘my father had undergone surgery twice due to acute infection, and my mother had been seriously carsick. They did not want to leave the old house, we were resigned to leave them alone. ‘

After several convincing, early in November, the old couple agreed to live with the children. Mr. Xu was seriously carsick, just stepped on the car then vomited a lot. At that time, the sons came up with a wheelchair and pushed their mother to the pier, then took a boat to Zhangyang.

On the morning of November 3, they carried their mother in a wheelchair, using a bed sheet wrapped around her waist to ensure safety. They even pushed her around the house for a moment, beacuse they determined not to return there.

Later, Taiben drove his father back home. The 3 brothers pushed their mother in relays with a distance of 13 km road in 4 hours 30 minutes to take a break at Taifeng’s mother’s home. The next destination was the home of a cousin and it took more than 3 hours.

Once moving downhill, one person will hold the brakes, slowly lowering. On going uphill, the two brothers grabbed the handle and pushed it up. When they arrived at the pier, the last ferry trip had gone.

‘We stayed one night, but by the time, in the next morning we had taken the mother to the ferry, it started to rain, we had to put her in a car and move slowly, the speed is not equal to pedestrians,’ Taiben added.

On the afternoon of November 4, Ms. Xu finally arrived at their home. The four brothers have been living in the upper floors, they do not have an elevator so they have rented the first floor of the house to their parents.

So far, it has been nearly a month now for living in new homes, not only the sons, but also the four daughters-in-law and grandchildren who are all very kind to their parents.

Image credit: China News

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