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Only with these “tips”, the mother of four children loses 31 kg to look more beautiful
December 01 2018, 10:24 PM
In order to have a slim body, the mother of 4 Taiwanese people have applied simple weight loss method.

Looking at these pictures, who can believe this beautiful girl is over 40 years old and the mother of four children?

Prior to the perfect body like this, Zhou Cuihua weighs 77kg and 1m63 tall. She is an illustrator and editor of a pet magazine.

Zhou’s twin daughters are currently in college. His third son was 15 years old. Five years ago, she was pregnant with her fourth child.

To lose weight after childbirth, Zhou Cuihua only eats one egg and drink a cup of coffee a day. Zhou has lost weight but is hospitalized due to her weakened body.

After discharge, she eats more and weighs in at 77kg. Eight months after giving birth, Zhou dropped to 63kg. She had difficulty breathing as she climbed the stairs, backache, missed shoes, and felt embarrassed by this fat body.

Then, Zhou was determined to lose weight. She did not have diet, did not take medicine, did not use abdominal liposuction. The mother of four children only change her eating habits and exercise regularly. Every day she walks or runs in 30 minutes. With Zhou, jogging is not a fatigue operation. She likes to sweat after exercising, like the joy after achieving success.

After losing weight, Zhou looks like a 20-year-old girl. The mother of four children has dropped from 77kg to 44kg. She shared her weight loss process on her personal blog.

According to Zhou, you need to take a diary to record your diet, find out why you are fat and choose a menu. When you eat, you should chew slowly. After exercising, eat more food to get more energy. You can walk or jog.

Now, she has a warm family, with lovely children. She has a healthy and young body. 

Source: Cocomy

Hoang Ngan


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