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“Tip” for gutting fishes without cutting abdomine
September 11 2018, 3:15 PM
Using only a pair of chopsticks, one can get both the gill and the bowel without cutting the belly.

Normally, to process the fish, we have to use the knife to slit the fish belly vertically and take the fish intestines out of the fish and then wash. However, there is another way to divide the fish into 2 parts  without having to cut the fish belly out. That is you will use a pair of chopsticks.

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You need to prepare: 1 pair of chopstick, a knife, rubber gloves.

Step 1: Wear rubber gloves to prepare fish. Later, use a knife to cut a short staple (can fit 1 finger) into the tail of the fish.

Step 2:  Use a chopstick to poke into the fish mouth, then put the chopsticks on the fish gill, and then poke the chopstick in the fish belly. However, the chopsticks must follow the fish’s stomach to separate the intestines from the fish’s abdomen. Do the same with the rest chopstick

Step 3: Then, one hand clamped the two ends of the chopsticks outside while one hand hold the fish body, spin the chopsticks one or two rounds. This is to firmly keep the chopsticks into the intestines of the fish. Continue until you can remove the fish  intestines from the abdomine.

Step 4: Continue clamping the two ends of the chopsticks on the outside. Slowly clamp and pull the chopsticks out of the fish mouth. In this way, the gill and the bowel will be gone out with chopsticks. Wash the fish under the running tap. Let the water flow into the stomach through the mouth to clean inside.

Do you think that this is a unique way to process the fish? Let’s try right from today.

Watch video:

Video source: CCTN

Video source: CCTN

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