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Three young men try to boil shrimp with milk tea. When enjoying the dish, the result makes everyone shocked!
September 14 2018, 3:56 PM
Shrimps are boiled with milk tea, how is the taste? The result is totally extremely incredible.

Have you ever cooked shrimp under the milk tea water? These men in this clip tried to make the normal thing come strange.

Let’s see what did he exactly do?

The first step, put 20 shrimps into the pot.

Two bottles of milk tea are waiting to go into the pot next.

Pouring gradually milk tea on the shrimps. Then bring the pot to cook.

After boiling in 15 minutes, the shrimps are ripe enough to enjoy. 

Then hurry up to remobe these shrimps out of the pot. 

Do not hesitate to enjoy right now, but be careful if not you can get burned because these delicious shrimps.

Cause being boiled in milk tea water, this dish has a good smell.

 Even two guys can’t stop eating. Looking at their faces, we can imagine how good this dish!

After posted on social media, this video has gone viral and attracted regard of many netizens. The video then becomes a controversial topic in community.

“What is going on? Milk tea, really? Can’t believe in my eyes”.

“How can they think out this disgusting recipe? Ehhh”.

“The shrimps actually are a poison if you mix something wrong such as tomatoes, pumpkin,.. It’d better to search carefully how to mix shrimp before you cook”.

How’s about you? What do you think about this recipe?

Watching video:

Hoang Yen


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