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Three aggressive men come to the restaurant to order food, then they perturb with waiter and receive a costly lesson from a woman
December 16 2018, 10:44 AM
From now on, three men should know how to behave!

Selling food is a profession that can bring high income, it but also is a complex environment, because the customers also have many types. Someone is polite and fair. There are people who are hard-headed, even thuggish.

Therefore, the controversy in the restaurant, where guests drunk or fight each other is not strange to waiters or waitress.

However, the scene that took place at a restaurant recorded by security cameras around 10:30 am on January 28, 2015 was unique, rare and hard to find, just like the movie, making people watch out from surprise to another surprise.

The video named “Techo” posted the clip on Youtube, attracting huge attention from the online community.

The staff heard the sound then came to immediately, in front of the aggression of the guest, the staff still keep calm with humble attitude. Then, another staff (or possibly the manager or store owner) is also available to handle the problem promptly.

The content of the conversation is not defined, but based on the actions of the parties, we can see that the guest complained about the quality of the dumplings.

Instead of talking politely, he continued to behave like thugs when he repeatedly threw the dumplings and chopsticks in the face of the staff. He also put the staff in a table to aggressive attack.

Meanwhile, the two guests were eating without any action, in contrast, they also began to throw things at the staff.

Probably witnessing everything and finding it so annoying, a female guest decided to hand over and tossed a “heavenly blow” on the man who pressed the staff, causing him to fall to the ground.

Right after that, the two men sitting up to eat and then stand up to beat the girl. But the girl in the black is impressively holding the umbrella “hit” both of them in a blink of an eye.

While the three were still in pain and dizzy, the girl had one arm against the umbrella, one adjusted her lap and threw a scornful look at the three thugs before leaving.

The video clip received the compliments of netizens.

Xuan Tr

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