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Thousands of coffins were broken after one night, the elderly trying to lie inside the coffins
December 07 2018, 3:19 PM
The Jiangxi government wants to implement "cremation" policy to preserve land resources, but the way they carry out makes them heavily criticized.

Officials coming the villages of Ganzhou, Jian, and Yichun, taking thousands of coffins from their houses to the gathering area and brook them by an excavator. Many old people try to stop them by lying inside the wooden boxes that are being dragged.

Since the no-burglary policy was adopted, the possession and production of the coffin was banned. More than 5,800 people from 24 villages and towns in Gaoan County, Jiangxi Province have volunteered to hand over the coffin. Every citizen is paid 2,000 yuan ($ 290) for each coffin submitted to the government.

However, not everyone is willing to hand coffins over to the authorities, forcing the authorities to take coercive measures. A 29-year-old man from a remote village in Jian said that officials seized two coffins from his grandparents’ house.

In rural area of China, people have long time-tradition of coffins, then kept at their house with the hope that they bring them longevity and luck. Poor people take many years to save 5,000 yuan ($ 730) or more to put up a wooden box in case they fall down, so people think that from a financial perspective, 2,000 yuan is not equal.

The officials carry out the new policy making local people get angry. 

Many old people try to fight against the new policy by lying inside the coffins.

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Xuan Trinh


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