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Thinking that they are acne on breast, young girl squeezes out a strange creature
November 22 2018, 3:27 PM
The young girl realized her breast had some red acne causing her mild pain and itching. However, after she squeeze acne out, she was shocked?

Lo Thi H. (30 years old, Vietnam) was hospitalized with fever and breast injury.

Patient was hospitalized with fever and breast injury(symbolic image).

Mrs. H. said, recently she discovered a red acne on the right breast with its size 0.5×0.5cm, making her have mild pain accompanied by itching. At a private clinic, the doctor suspected that she had mastitis. When leaving, Mrs. H. asked her colleagues to squeeze out acne because she thought that was just an acne. As a result, a large creature emerged and  wiggled, which made both panic.

After that, Ms. H. went to the National Institute of Malaria – Parasitology and Entomology(NIMPE) of Vietnam because she  thought that creature was a fluke. After the tests, the doctor conclude that the specimen is Fasciola.

According to Dr. Tho, because patient often ate hot pot with vegetables such as water dropwort, enydra fluctuans), etc. contributing to fascioliasis. After cleansing, the patient recovered very well and was discharged after more than a week of treatment.

Watch video:

Video source: Vietnamnet

Video source: Vietnamnet

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