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Think that husband having mistress, wife eye-popped when checking CCTV
December 08 2018, 9:17 AM
Her husband's behavior recently is really doubtful, so one day, she decided to check it out.

On July 21st, a very lovely story has been uploaded on the internet of Thailand. According to the account user, she was doubtful that her husband had some strange behaviors. Thinking that he may have a mistress, she set up a camera. Therefore, the truth is unfold.

And it’s a hilarious one.

The wife realized that the “mistress” is a lovely cat! They’ve just adopted the cat days ago.

He even carefully groomed it.

In the video, we can see the husband hugged and kissed the cat dearly.

May be he is the real boss in this house?

After posted on Facebook, the video received 17,000 react and 1000 comments from netizens in Thailand. They all agree that the husband is funny and a cat-people. Others claimed that the only mistress they want is a lovely pet like this.

Watch here:

Video credit: Collected


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