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The controversial deceased of a 3-year-old girl in unprecedented situation at a gas station
January 31 2019, 3:12 PM
the cause is still a unidentified issue.

According to The Sun, an 3-year-old girl died shortly after being taken to a hospital in southwestern Taiwan. Doctors at Kaohsiung General Hospital said that the girl’s lungs were broken and severely damaged, which was the main cause of this girl’s death.

The incident happened in a gas station, a gas pump was placed in the baby’s mouth causing a sudden death of her. So far, investigators are still in process of determining whether this is an unintended accident or a murder plot.

Accordingly, Mr. Kuang, her father said, his daughter was mischievous, she had run out of the car and put gas hose in her mouth. The incident happened so unexpectedly that Kuang could not prevent.

3-year-old girl died in hospital due to severe lung damage.

Gas station where the incident occurred.

Seeing her daughter become pale and breathless, he quickly took her to hospital. However, a surveillance camera at the gas station showed Kuang took the gas pump from his car to his daughter twice.

Contrary to the testimony of this man, surveillance camera showed that the girl never left the car. However, it is unclear what happened when the father stood aganst the camera, obscuring everything.

Currently, Kuang has been detained for manslaughter. The prosecutor’s office in Kaohsiung is asking witnesses to provide useful information to support the investigation and clarify the cause of the case.

The father stand against on the camera, which obscured everything.

The gas pump caused the girl’s death.

Source: The Sun

Lan Le


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