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That’s how people make tattered jeans
December 02 2018, 7:53 AM
Torn jeans or tattered jeans are the favorite clothes of many people. However, have you ever been interested in how to create scratches on the Jeans?

Jeans are always in the closet of most people because it gives youthful style, comfortable and never go out of fashion. However, classic jeans are sometimes boring, so young people want to change them by adding a few scratches and even split some positions to show more unique personality.

” Tearing ” the jeans to be more fashionable is not simple due to the fact that it requires specialized tools and meticulous operation. As life is increasingly modern, people have created many ways to tear jeans quickly and still very fashionably.

In this sewing factory, the finished jeans will be delivered to the “tear” team. There they put legs of jeans in tubes equipped with thick rubber pads for locating the tear in order not to affect the quality of jeans .  After that, using a dedicated razor or a worn-out machine with agility and  long experience, people will create fashionable and trendy jeans.

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Vu Tam

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