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Thanks the fame, the pockmarked woman found her lost brother after 40 years
January 31 2019, 4:21 PM
Always being "stoned" by the online community because of the ludicrous, disgusting images, but it was unexpectedly the cause of this transgender woman to find her lost brother.

As the name is no stranger to the Thai online community, Ms. Sitang was noticed by the netizens whenever she appeared with a somewhat ridiculous, offensive appearance. Most of her images appear on Facebook are photos with shapely style, revealing clothes and faces chiseling pits.

This transgender woman has always been “stoned” by netizens when filming a clip that twists the strange boy despite having a faithful man beside him.

This transgender woman always receives many “stone bricks” when posting photos to the MXH

The recent image of Mrs. Sitang in short hair made many people quite surprised

However, the popularity of Sitang’s social media certainly brought her things that she herself could not expect. Advertising most of the most popular and popular products, she also met her lost brother after 40 years of separation.

Sitang said she had previously had an older brother but later lost and had no whereabouts about him for decades. Thanks to his popularity on social media, even participating in some programs on television, this transgender woman accidentally met her brother.

Sitang was choked up when she saw her brother again

Both had unexpected and emotional reunion

This woman even went on television to join the entertainment program, so it was well known

Sitang burst into tears when she saw her brother again

The images were somewhat ridiculous but contributed to the famous Sitang and met her brother after a long time of losing contact.

The moment she met her biological brother, she was choked with tears. Perhaps what she has exchanged for a long time to be known by many people, to meet her biological brother will not be able to count with the joy of reuniting the brothers in the same family. Although people still have people “stoned”, some people sympathize with love, but still meaning is more meaningful than anything.

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Phuong Thao

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